Recently, most donors have become extra keen on sustainability aspects of a project and often fund projects which have a well-defined sustainability plan from the start. Various CSOs are facing the challenge of closing projects and programmes and withdrawing from countries and partnerships.


Exiting from a project, programme, country, or partnership can be overwhelming for CSOs. This might be driven by changing organisational priorities, strategic decisions to reduce support in middle-income countries, or funding cuts from donors. Yet, integrating sustainability principles in their ongoing projects can be an effective way to ensure long term impacts.

In February 2019, FIDEP Foundation will begin to facilitate a Pilot to Scale Working Group that meets regularly with the express goal of identifying Project Sustainability Pathways and tackling common challenges around exit strategies by making use of our Data Sharing Tools supported by South-South Experience Sharing Platforms involving NGOs, CBOs, government departments and private sector entities.

​This group will work to promote 5 Best Exit Practices (BEPs) including:


  1. Developing threads of sustainability

  2. Planning for exit from the outset

  3. Protocols for data sharing

  4. Building Sustainability platforms

  5. Cultivating resident sustainability focal points

Pilot to Scale Programme (P2S)