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Data Sharing

Most often in natural resource management, resource managers and resource users can gain insights and harness better intelligence through data and analytics compiled from various technological applications in the basin. However, at the basin level, natural resources (water, forest, energy, land and ecosystem services) are often managed in “silos.” In most cases, useful data and analytics are utilized by different stakeholders without the knowledge that similar systems might already exist in other parts of the same sub-catchment. These cases create missed opportunities, redundancy and duplication of efforts. It also limits intervention complementarity and undermine opportunities for joint optimization in natural


FIDEP Foundation is taking a step to investigate existing data sharing frameworks, protocols, tools and techniques adopted for recent, present and proposed interventions in water, forest, energy, land and ecosystem services.

We look forward to partnering with researchers and organizations who want to push the boundaries of innovation, create and share evidence, while equipping decision-makers to use it to reduce poverty

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