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The Independent Reporting Project-Lake Bosomtwi

Pilot-Testing a Community-Based Independent Reporting Platform with a Mobile App Link at Lake Bosomtwi Man and Biosphere Reserve, Ghana

This project seeks to pilot test a community based online independent reporting platform with a Mobile App-Link as a means of connecting 21 buffer communities within the Reserve to an online portal (involving 21 community tours, a dedicated website, youtube channel and twitter page) to learn, monitor, share, report and co-develop localized resilience actions into national policy framework of Integrated Biodiversity Conservation.


  • This project seeks to support on-going conservation efforts at Lake Bosomtwe landscape with community-generated, timely and verifiable data to inform local planning and action.

  • To foster Knowledge co-generation, knowledge sharing and the development of socially-technical tools, methods and approaches that catalyze local action in protecting critical ecosystems in Ghana.

  • To train community members as data collectors and local monitors using mobile technology to collect and share information on illegal logging, fishing with harmful chemicals, indiscriminate dumping of refuse, illegal mining, farming activities, charcoal production, etc.

This project is funded by the Rufford Foundation (UK)

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